Economic Impact of ‘10% Kona Coffee Blends’

Posted on 18. Feb, 2010 by in Blog, Kona Coffee

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In February 2010 resource economist Marvin Feldman released a fascinating preliminary study of the adverse economic impacts caused by ‘10% Kona coffee blends.’

These blends use the ‘Kona’ name on packages which contain 90% inexpensive imported coffee. Though legal under current Hawaii law, these Kona blends do not disclose the origin of 90% of their contents, deceive consumers into believing they are purchasing real Kona coffee, damage the reputation of our crop, and keep the farm gate price low by flooding the market with faux Kona coffee.

To read the full Feldman study online, or to download the complete 14-pg report, visit the Kona Coffee Farmer’s Association website.

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