First Shipments of Hawaii Sharwil Avocados to the US Mainland in 25 Years

Posted on 16. May, 2016 by in Kona Coffee

In March of 2016 the first two shipments of Hawaii Sharwil avocados in over 25 years were sent to the US mainland. One shipment (including Sharwil avocados from Rancho Aloha) went to St. Paul, Minnesota. The other went to New York City.

As described in the Rancho Aloha Blog post of September 2013, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has adopted a new protocol allowing for the shipping of Sharwils to 32 northern tier states and the District of Columbia during the months from November through March.

Rancho Aloha Sharwil avocados

Bruce Corker with fine examples of Rancho Aloha grown Sharwil avocados

Although it took some time for the adoption of formal USDA regulations, the certification of Sharwil-producing farms and the designation of a certified packing house, the Hawaii Sharwil growers are delighted to have “opened the door”.

We look forward in future years to providing ever increasing quantities of the “world’s best avocado” to consumers on the US mainland.

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